What is the Congregation of Yahshua the Messiah, and why does it exist when there are already many thousands of churches in Christendom?


            First of all consider the word “Congregation”.  We could just as well call ourselves “the Assembly of Yahshua the Messiah”.  But why not “church”?  There are many “churches”.  The word “church’ is not clear in its meaning.  It can mean a building for worship.  It can, and often does, mean a denomination of Christianity.  It is also used to mean all true believers in the Savior.  In this last sense, we are part of  “the church”.  However, for certain reasons, which will be explained, we choose not to be called a “church”.


            The word that is translated “church” in the Bible is the Greek word “ekklesia”.  What it literally means is the “called out ones”.  It refers to those people whom the Savior has called out of “this present evil world” to become His true followers or disciples.  They are called out of what the Bible calls “Babylon”.  This is a term used in Revelation 17 to refer to the system of the world as established by mankind under satanic influence, which is in opposition to the system that the true Almighty One has established.  This includes the world’s social, economic, political and religious systems, which taken together make up the one composite system of “Babylon”.  The Bible contrasts “Babylon”- man’s order of things - with the “New Jerusalem”, which speaks of heaven’s system or order of things. 


            Back to the word “church”.  As pointed out, “church” can mean a number of different things, as contrasted with the word “Congregation” (or “Assembly”), which speaks of the people themselves in having come together as one body of people.  We call ourselves “Congregation” for the simple reason that this word correctly indicates what we are – a people congregated together. We are congregated, or called together, to worship the Almighty One in Spirit and in truth.  Not just in Spirit, but also in truth.  And not just in truth, but also in Spirit – that is, in the Spirit of the true Almighty One. (John 4:24)


            But why the Congregation of “Yahshua the Messiah”?  Why not the Congregation of “Jesus Christ”?  Have not many found true salvation, and rich blessings, by calling on the Savior when using the name “Jesus Christ”?  Yes, indeed.   For the last 500 years, since the name “Jesus” began to be first used in the English language, many (like myself) have come to know the Savior while using the term “Jesus” as His name.    Before that, in the time of Middle English they called Him “Iesus”.  And before then, in the time of Early English, they called Him “Healend”.   That is what was in the English Bible back then.  For example, Matthew 1:21 said this: “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Healend: for he shall save his people from their sins.”


            There is no doubt that many have been saved by calling on Him as “Healend”, then later as “Iesus”, and since the time of Late English as “Jesus”.  So again, why do we call Him “Yahshua”?


            It is purely a matter of love, devotion and obedience, based on increased knowledge.  We love the Savior, and who He is, more than the name “Jesus” to which we had become emotionally attached.  When we learned the importance of His true name we chose to honor Him all the more by using it in our praise and worship, and by being called by His true name.


            Here is what I mean. When the Bible was translated into various languages, including English, the one, true, personal name of Our Creator – our Heavenly Father – was removed from the Bible.  This fact is not known by Christians in general (although more and more are beginning to learn this is so).  But all Bible scholars know this to be the case.  There is absolutely no doubt at all about it.


            In the original language of the Bible  (Hebrew) His personal name is found over 7000 times.  But, because the Jewish people were forbidden by their leaders to speak it, and were told to say the Hebrew word for “Lord” or  “God” in place of it when reading the Bible, the translators followed this oral practice in actual written form when translating.  They substituted the terms “the LORD” (with “LORD” in all capitals) and the term “GOD” (in all capitals) wherever the Jewish people were taught to say the Hebrew terms for “Lord” or “God” in place of His name.


            To make a very long story short, when we put His name back where the translators made this change in the Bible, we find our Heavenly Father wants His people to know His name and to use it in worshipping Him.


            That name is found in the well known word “Hallelujah”.  Actually the “J”, which came into English from the Late Latin, is pronounced as a “Y“ (as it is in Latin).  Thus we could better write it as “HalleluYah”.  This is actually a Hebrew word that has come into most languages throughout the world.  What it means is, “Praise Yah”.  “Yah” is the shortest form of the Heavenly Father’s name.  It is also found as “Yahu” in Hebrew names, such as “Elijah” and many others.  “Elijah” in Hebrew is “Eli-Yahu”.  “Eli” means, “My Mighty One”, and “Yahu” is His name when used in this type of combination.  So “EliYahu” means, “My Mighty One is Yah”.  (I just want to say “HalleluYah” right here, for we know our Mighty One is Yah.)


The full form of our Creator’s true name, the form found about 7000 times in the actual Bible, is four “consonants” equivalent to our English YHWH. (These are generally called the “Tetragrammaton”, meaning the “four letters”.)  With the vowels (which were unwritten in Biblical Hebrew) put with the consonants, this is generally written as “Yahweh” and pronounced as “Yah-way”  (with the accent on the “Yah”).


            This brings us to the Savior’s name.  With the Sacred Name put back where it belongs, Isaiah 12:2 reads like this in the King James Version: “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for YAH-YAHWEH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.”  (The KJV has “the LORD JEHOVAH”, instead of “YAH-YAHWEH”, but “Jehovah” is an erroneous form as the Encyclopedia Britannica, and most others, will tell you.)  Well, again to make a long story short, when Yahweh became our Salvation, as prophesied by Isaiah and others, He did so in His Only begotten Son.  This was Yahweh, as “the Word”, being made flesh to dwell among men to save them from their sins.  But the Bible says Yahweh would never change His name.  So, as all Bible scholars know, our Savior was never known as “Jesus” when He lived on this earth.


            They also know that the Savior had the same name as “Joshua” the successor of Moses.  If you say “Joshua” with the “J” made into a “Y” as it is in Hebrew, which never has had a “J” sound, you get the sound the Savior’s true name.  In Modern Hebrew they pronounce this as “Yeshua”, but in reality it was “Yashua”.  We write it in English as “Yahshua” for two reasons.  One reason is that “Yashua” could be mistakenly pronounced as “Yea-shua”.  The other reason is that “Yahshua” brings over the fact that our Savior’s true name means, “Yah-Savior”.  He is “Yahweh our Savior”.   We truly believe in the deity of “Yahshua the Messiah”.  (Ask for free literature about His deity.)


            Please don’t let anyone tell you that “God has many names”.   He has many titles, like El, Elohim, etc.   He also has many forms of His one, true, personal name, like “Yahweh-Shalom” (meaning “Yahweh our Peace”) “Yahweh-Rapha” (meaning “Yahweh our Healer”) etc.   But His name is still always “Yah” or “Yahweh”.   We have a tract and an audiotape that we will be happy to give you free for the asking, if you want more information on this subject of “The Creator‘s True Name”.


            We call ourselves the “Congregation of Yahshua the Messiah” not because we are another denominational religious organization, but because we are a small group of people who are part of His overall true congregation who choose to be called by His true name.


            One of our main purposes is the restoration of Bible truth as it is found existing in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.     We seek to restore, and walk in, all true Bible order, including honoring Yahweh by observing the true Bible Sabbath day. (We offer a free book on this subject also.)


            In no place, when properly read, does the Bible teach keeping the first day of the week, Sunday, for congregating together for worship.  This practice came in (as part of Mithraism and sun worship) along with many other false, pagan practices and teachings during the time of the great apostasy foretold by the original apostles.  That apostasy began toward the end of their lives, but got into full swing shortly after they left this earthy realm.  What the Bible does teach is that the 7th day of the week (Friday sunset until Saturday sunset) will always be the true Sabbath day as a time when His people should rest from their labors and come together to worship Him.


            This, and the Sacred Name, are just two of the many Bible truths that we seek to restore as part of the true apostolic order.


            Yahshua said, “Enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it.”   (Matt. 7:13,14)  Don’t expect to find many people in our congregation, or in any other congregation of people who are seeking with all their hearts to return to true apostolic, biblical order.  There are very few who really want the full truth.  Most are too wrapped up in their church affiliations, friendships, and sentimental attachments to be willing to pay the cost of going in a different way than the vast majority.  


            But if you are one of the few who are willing to go against the tide in order to honor the Savior by His true name, which tells who He truly is, if you are one of the few who want to search out and walk in all the old paths of Bible truth, we invite you to consider “the Congregation of Yahshua the Messiah”.


            We currently meet on each Sabbath, at 11 a.m. Saturday, at 213 5th Street, Irwin, Pa.    However, this is subject to change.  So you can call to confirm where and when we are meeting if you decide to visit us. Our mailing address and phone number are listed below.   May Yahweh bless you by leading you to follow Him and His Holy Word.


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