Hear O'Israel
A message preached at Eaton Rapids, MI assembly about Yahweh's Oneness.

Tabernacle of Yahweh
A message preached at Eaton Rapids Assembly about Yahweh's plans to dwell among men.

Vision of Kingdom Glory
A message showing from the bible that we, Yahweh's people, are to be His instrumentality for change in the coming millennial kingdom.

What is the Creator's Name?
A teaching that our Creator has a personal name and wants His people to know and use it.

What is the Savior's True Name?
Evidence that the pronunciation of the Savior's name contains the sound of the basic form of Father's name, plus answers to objections to using the name of Yahweh.

Who is a True Jew
A message preached in New Castle, PA showing that true believer's are Jews, and that the true faith is, has always been, and will always be biblical Judaism.



Examines bible passages teaching about baptism (immersion) and how it relates to salvation.

Hear O'Israel
An examination of what the bible teaches concerning Yahweh being one yet having a triune mode of manifestation and existence.

Hear O'Israel Supplement
Further explanation of Yahweh's oneness, plus answers to objections.

The New Birth
The basic bible teaching concerning being born again.

The Sabbath Day
Showing that the Sabbath is still a sign between Yahweh and His people, plus answers to objections to the teaching that it is still Yahweh's Holy Day.

The Word HalleluYah
Discusses the name of Yahweh in relation to this word of praise now known in the languages of most civilized peoples.

Women & Leadership
A letter written to try to prevent a breach of biblical order through the ordaining of a woman to a position of teaching, and exercising authority over, men.

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